Alongamento Videoclip

It is with a great pleasure that we present the videoclip Alongamento. Although the song was released on the album “Ninguém Estava Aqui”, back in 2016, this song has always been one of our favorites, surprising us even by the reaction of the audience in our live performances.

We thank Édi Oliveira for generously accepting the challenge of creating a delicate choreography for the song. To Thais Mallon for bravely striving to finish the clip, knowing exactly where I wanted to go, and for helping me to achieve my goal as only a woman could do. To the wonderful dancers, Márcia Gomes, Dani Renée, Sabrina Rocha, Daniel Lacourt, Michele Cheibub, Tauan Gon, Carol Höfs and Christian Paz, who were dedicated, sympathetic and delivered an outstanding performance. To the brilliant Luna Moreno, my diligent partner of production, to Thiago de Lima Cruz, for the sensitive and spectacular lighting work, to Kacau and to Pedro Bedê for the brilliance in the scene capture, to Sanara Medeiros, for the indispensable help in getting the edition of the clip done, to Barbara Nozari for her generosity with the color treatment of the videoclip. Thank you all!