Ninguém Estava Aqui (No one Was Here) – physical album

Our debut album is now available in Compact Disc format, so you can listen it in your CD player, at your vehicle, in your vintage toaster or give it as a gift.

It comes with a promotional poster, with album art and lyrics for your amusement. You can buy the CD [link], where you will find other merch of our former band. We ship all over Brazil.


1. engarrafado
2. bruxa cega
3. notícias da hora
4. sem ferradura
5. lua cheia no céu claro
6. flor no breu
7. voltinteira
8. alongamento
9. valha
10. uroborus

Band Stoyca: Walter Cruz [keyboard], Arthur Lôbo [Bass], Rafa Dornelles [Guitar], Jorge Verlindo [Voice]
Drums: Thiago Cunha  String arrangement: Felipe Vieira  Violoncello: Nicolas Madalena  Violin: João Dias
Mixing: Kelton Gomes  Mastering: Felipe Tichauer  Edition: Valério Xavier Musical  Production: Felipe Vieira & Stoyca  Concept: Jorge Verlindo & Nelson Cordeiro  Art Direction: Jorge Verlindo & Nelson Cordeiro  Illustrations: Tiago Palma  Executive Producer: Jorge Verlindo


Release concert, live at Mapati Theater