Concerts Stoyca + Zéfiro + Ellefante: About the bands

On this Friday and Saturday (Feb 10th and 11th) we will make two concerts with some bands that have been growing in the local scene and gaining space in the national stream, with their mature and powerful sound. We are very proud to perform in these gigs, and for that, we give a little introduction about ourselves in the lines bellow, so our fans can know about each band.

The concerts will take place at Mapati Theater, 707 North (Brasília) and tickets can be purchased for R$20 at the venue, or at our store with discount.


Zéfiro has released its first album, “Andes”, in February 2016. The work, witch is delicate and visceral at the same time, is more intensely represented at live performances.
Counting on references such as Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges, and also alternative european rock bands, Zéfiro stood out among best releases of the year, receiving favorable mentions of the specialized media. This sounding atmosphere brings strong and poetic lyrics that can explore the melancholy of love, fate, and the relationship between the subject and his city.




Rescuing a link between people, their feelings and their relationship towards the world, is what moves Ellefante through art. The songs are a subtle and creative invitation in the break of neutrality and passivity of all senses. It’s purpose is to speak of simple things that we live every day. Beginning, choices, learning, evolution, self-knowledge, love and dismay are themes that intertwine letters and melodies making a timeless counterpoint, creating the bond that unites us, human being.





The sound of the band Stoyca gives Brazilian music a modern look, mixing brazilian with international music. With references such as Paulinho da Viola, Lenine, Portishead and Massive Attack, and with songs that creates it’s own universe, on a dense atmosphere permeated by electronic and acoustic elements, as the MPB (brazilian popular music) legacies in a postmodern and urban context.