We are truly happy for sharing the music video Valha.

Valha is a delicate song, fruit of the difficulty of being trapped in your skin, in the world, and at the same time needing to legitimize the own space daily. Yes, many people feel the same way.

We would like to share the song and the music video, we are very grateful to Thais Mallon, for her exquisite photography, to Luna Moreno, for her such dedicated production, to Abu for his geniality and commitment, to Natalia do Vale for lending us her talents as costume producer, to Paulo Louredo, for helping us with our funding. Also to Pedro Bedê for his patience in editing it, Grillo for the color grading, Mayara Senise for the still and our beloved extras: Silva Rocha, Zula Fornaguera, Camila da Paz Reis, Frederico Campos Martins, Giovana Campos Martins, Silvana Letícia, Michael Durães, João Vítor da Silva Rocha.

We thank you immensely, sincerely.

To download the entire album, visit the hotspot Ninguem Estava Aqui